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22 Week Pregnancy Update

I know how lucky i am to be able to carry a child and have a reasonably good pregnancy but that doesn't stop me from just wishing it was finished. I am well and truly fed up this week!! 

I know its just a phase and next week i could be fine but i am so over being pregnant now! Until this week i was really enjoying it, much more than i have my previous two anyways. When it's your third all the different symptoms and movements just aren't exciting anymore!

This week her movements have become super strong and much more often. they are like actual proper kicks now and you can see her movement from the outside now too. This would be lovely if she wasn't still lying really low down making it extra uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure she spends half the day lying on my bladder too as i am already running to the toilet much more often! I don't know whether its because of my scar tissue from my previous sections but this time round the kicks feel much more uncomfortable and stronger than my last two pregnancies!

I'm just much more uncomfortable in general this time round. I still haven't gained any weight but i feel huge! My partner likes to tell me he thinks I'm going to be massive as he thinks I'm bigger this time round too. Then i have people telling me that you can't even tell and i don't look any different. My best friend even told me i look slimmer than i did before i was pregnant! I don't know if they are just being polite though! Maybe its because my partner sees me slobbing around on the sofa in my PJ's that he notices it more!

The one symptom i was dreading the most has arrived! HEARTBURN!!! It is quite possibly the worst part of being pregnant for me and probably the reason i am feeling so miserable and grumpy this week! I was hoping it wasn't going to end up as bad this time round but now I'm not so hopeful. With both boys it was so bad that i couldn't even drink a glass of water without getting heartburn. Luckily it is not that bad YET, but i am getting it after almost every meal and to be honest its putting me off eating at all, but i know i need to eat so force myself to have something! I know they say that if you get bad heartburn during pregnancy it's supposed to be a sign that the baby will be born with loads of hair but neither of the boys really had lots of hair. 

Not got much else to share with you really. Just felt like having a massive moan!

If you are writing about your pregnancy please leave your blog links in the comments as i am super nosy and love to read other peoples experiances!

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