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21 Week Pregnancy Update

  As this is my first update since announcing my pregnancy i will give you a run down of how i have felt throughout so far. I am currently 21 Weeks and 4 Days.

Early pregnancy symptoms were not too bad, a fair bit of nausea which i put down to something else before i found out about the pregnancy but no actual sickness. I also keep having huge breakouts on my chin! As soon as one lot clears us the next load appear. For someone that has never suffered from spots in my whole life, even during my teenage years and my previous pregnancies, this is something i am struggling to deal with! Apart from that nothing major really.

Not too much to discuss at this stage but I'm probably at the 'best' part of pregnancy. All my symptoms have pretty much disappeared, apart from those awful spots! I feel like i have a huge bump (although people tell me you can't tell at all) and most of my normal jeans have had to be replaced with maternity jeans! I can't believe i never had any maternity clothes in my last two pregnancies! I wish someone had told me how comfy they were! 
I haven't gained any weight so far during the pregnancy, I'm actually around half a stone lighter than i was pre-pregnancy, I was overweight though, although not massively. I am extremely happy with this as i gained a whopping 3 stone with my second! I have obviously not been trying to diet or lose weight since finding out I'm pregnant although i have been loosely following Slimming World still. My sudden cravings for chocolate, something i have never been that bothered about before are meaning I'm having more 'bad' days than good when it comes to trying to eat healthily!

My mood swings are horrendous this time too and i cry at everything! I feel so sorry for my partner, one minute I'm madly in love with him and hes my best friend and then literally within seconds i hate him and i don't want him any where near me again!! My skin has gone super sensitive too, I burnt my neck while hanging the washing out last week and i don't usually burn easily. My newly sensitive skin has also caused a bad flare up of my dermatitis too. I definitely think its easier carrying boys i had NO symptoms at all with either of the boys apart from a growing bump!

Other than that i have a little bit of backache after a shift at work but i work in a bar so i am on my feet for the whole shift. I am planning on working right up until about 37 weeks as long as all is ok. I have my consultant appointment to book in for my c section on the 14th October so i am planning on giving this as my leaving date. I am planning on returning to work fairly quickly too. Probably after my 6 week check. I only usually work evenings and as i plan on bottle feeding again, she will be at home with her Dad. I will see how i feel after the birth though, i may not want to go back as soon. 

I am getting quite a bit of movement now too and her pattern is becoming fairly regular. I am enjoying it at the moment while i can as i don't enjoy the feeling of movement as they get bigger and the kicks become stronger at all. It kinda freaks me out to be honest. 

Not much else to share with you this week. 

Thanks for reading
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