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I'm Back and Some Exciting News

I'm back and excited to start blogging again. I'm not going to get into a big long explanation about where I've been and why i haven't been blogging, I'm just going to get straight into my exciting news.
I am over the moon to be pregnant with my third baby. As i write this i am 21 Weeks and 1 Day pregnant. This pregnancy is also extra special to me as i am finally having a Girl. I could not be happier and when they told us at my scan, i cried my eyes out because i had fully prepared myself for the fact i would be having another Boy! I suffered from Gender Disappointment with my second son when we found out he was a boy and it was awful, i was terrified of it happening again so i hadn't even allowed myself to think it may be a girl. I had even picked a boys name!! I'm not going to write about that here but i will do a post on it in the future.

My official due date is the 7th November but i will likely have her roughly a week before as i am having a planned C Section again. I'm not going to get too much into it as i am going to do either weekly or monthly updates.

It was a shock finding out i was pregnant. I had been feeling slightly strange for a while but with three family deaths within the space of two months i pushed all the thoughts to the back of my mind or found another explanation for my symptoms. Like while i was on holiday i felt sick every morning but i was also suffering from Vertigo at the time so put it down to that. Or the fact i was spotty and had missed a period i put down to the fact i was stressed. When i missed a second period that's when i finally decided to do a test, and it was of course positive. After going to the doctors and then the midwife we worked out i could possibly be 12 weeks pregnant so i was referred for a scan straight away. I had to wait a few weeks and thought i would be around 16 weeks, so it was a shock when at my scan we found out i was 18 weeks and 4 days pregnant. 

I have now got rid of all the boys clothes that i had and i am slowly replacing them with lovely pink girlie things!! It is so strange buying girls stuff and i find myself in the shops or browsing online completely confused about what to pick up. In some ways i feel like a first time Mam again! I thought i would be bad with buying stuff when it was a girl but to be honest i have surprised myself and not gone crazy. I have got some second hand stuff off a friend and I've also bought some stuff off Ebay, most of which still had the tags on. They are in them for such a short amount of time when they are younger its just not worth buying all new things.

I am looking forward to decorating the bedrooms. My two boys are going to have to share now which i am feeling massively guilty for at the moment as they have always had their own rooms, but they seem excited so that helps. I am expecting problems for a few weeks at first though as i have one that loves to sleep and one that hates sleep. They also have two completely different personalities and clash massively at times. I am trying to think of ways for them to still feel like they have their own space even though they will be sharing.

Anyways i plan on posting weekly/monthly pregnancy updates, i will also be posting baby related hauls and reviews. I am hoping to also do some more YouTube videos but its difficult to find the time to film around the kids and work. I also NEED to get more organized before this baby arrives so i may have a little blog or YouTube series based around that! I like some parts of the KonMari method so i may base my organization around that but i haven't quite decided yet. I also plan on starting up my beauty posts again too.

Thanks for reading
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