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Where Have I Been? Update

So I have been very much MIA over the past month or so. A lot has been going on lately and I just haven't had time to do any blogging etc. First off we have been having a lot of problems with the house so we have had workmen coming in and out getting quotes and doing work. Which is still no where near finished! Secondly my almost 3 year old has decided he doesn't need to nap anymore (even though he so does! No nap = mega grumpy child!!) so I'm losing 1-2 hours 'me time' a day, this is the time I usually use to blog. 

I have also recently started working for The Body Shop At Home. So I have been putting quite a bit of time into that. Look out for plenty of posts and reviews on the kit and products. 

Also I have got myself a job working behind the bar in a social club and I am doing a few shifts a week there. It's so good to be back working after being out of work for far too long! 

I am failing massively with Slimming World at the moment, my heads just not in it and my motivation has totally gone! I really want to get back on track though so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I have a few posts already wrote up and ready to go and I am going to try and find a schedule that works for me and my new even busier life! 

Thanks for reading 


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