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What I Ate This Week #2 - Slimming World

I had a 1lb gain last week! I really need to get my head in to gear and stick to the plan from now on. We have just booked a holiday abroad for April next year and i would really like to have lost a total of at least 3 stone by then. I worked out that if i lose 2lb a week between now and when i go on holiday i could lose a total of 4 and a half stone!! That is massive motivation and something i would love to achieve but i know life gets in the way at times and a gain or staying the same is going to happen, so i'm setting 3 stone as a more realistic target and anything over that is a bonus!
 I have found it really easy to stick to plan this week as i just seem to have no appetite at all for some reason, i have struggled having my syns due to this though so hoping it doesn't affect my weight loss too much. I've also been quite bad with my water intake the last few weeks so i have started to make sure i always have a 1.5L bottle full of water in the fridge and making sure i drink all of that during the day, along with any other drinks i may have. Also since discovering the Twining's Salted Caramel Green Tea i have rekindled my love of green tea. I have also rejoined the gym this week!
Breakfast - 2 Oranges, Handful Of Grapes, Coffee (1/2 Syn for Milk)
Dinner - SW Sausages, Toast (HEb), Beans, Tea (1/2 Syn Milk)
Tea - Hunters Chicken (HEa) (recipe here) SW Chips, Green Beans, Peas, Sweetcorn
Snacks - Wotsits (4.5 Syns) Tea (1/2 Syn Milk)
Healthy Extras - Cheddar Cheese (HEa) Bread (HEb)
Syn Total - 6
Breakfast - 2 Oranges, Coffee (HEa Milk)
Dinner - Mushroom Risotto
Tea - SW Chicken Tikka, Rice, Spinach
Snacks - Toast (HEb) with Jam (1/2 Syn) 

Healthy Extras - Milk (HEa) Bread (HEb)
Syn Total - 1/2 Syn


Breakfast - 2 Weetabix (HEb) Milk (HEa) 1 Orange, Coffee
Dinner - Jacket Potato with Prawns (1 Syn Mayo) Cucumber, Tomato
Tea - Spaghetti Bolognase,

Healthy Extras - Milk (HEa) Weetabix (HEb)

Syn Total - 1/2 Syn


Breakfast - Bacon, Mushroom, Tomato, Coffee (HEa Milk)
Dinner - Leftover Spaghetti Bolognase 
Tea - Steak, SW Chips, Mushrooms
Snacks - Salted Caramel HIFI Bar (HEb)
Healthy Extras - Milk (HEa) HIFI Bar (HEb)

Syn Total - 0


Breakfast - Plum, Nectarine, Coffee (HEa Milk)
Dinner - SW Chips, Beans, Mushrooms
Tea - Beef Stir Fry
Snacks - Salted Caramel HIFI Bar (HEb)

Healthy Extras - Milk (HEa) HIFI Bar (HEb)

Syn Total - 0

Breakfast - Plum, Nectarine, Coffee (HEa Milk)
Dinner - Mixed Veg Risotto
Tea - Roast Chicken Dinner (we should of had this yesterday but we got a new sofa so by the time we sorted that out it was too late to cook the meat) 2 Yorkishire Puddings (4 Syns) Gravy (1 Syn)

Healthy Extras - Milk (HEa) Didn't have a HEb

Syn Total - 5 Syns


Breakfast - Nectarine, Orange, Grapes, Coffee (HEa Milk)
Dinner - Jacket Potato With Prawns (1 Syn Mayo) Cucumber, Tomato, Pickled Onions
Tea - SW Rogan Josh, Rice
Snacks - Chocolate Orange HIFI Bar (HEb)

Healthy Extras - Milk (HEa) HIFI Bar (HEb)

Syn Total - 1
 I didn't get to weigh in this week as I had no one to watch the kids for me as my partner had took the oldest to watch the football. I weighed myself on the Wii and it was showing a loss of 1lb.
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