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Phillip Kingsley Swimcap Review

 Knowing i was going to be going swimming everyday while we were away, i knew i had to find something to try and help protect my hair. I have spent so long trying to get my hair in decent condition after years of it being bleached and dropping out after having my children, i didn't want to ruin my hard work with swimming. Swimcap claims to protect the hair from discolouration and damage caused by the sun, chlorine, salt water and wind. It is also super conditioning.

I am a big lover of Phillip Kingsley products so i had high hopes for this. It didn't disappoint. The application is very similar to the Elasticizer. Put onto damp hair then brush through to make sure it's distributed evenly. It has quite a thick texture but is easy to apply to the hair. 

This is going to be my hair summer staple from now on. Usually after i have been swimming and washed my hair i really struggle to get a brush through it after and need to use a ton of detangler, however after using this and washing my hair, my brush just glided through my hair. No detangler needed. It was also super shiny and felt amazingly soft. 

Phillip Kingsley Swimcap is £22.00 for 150ML and you can buy it here.
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