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Nails Inc Haul

The *This post wasn't supposed to go
Up until next week but I have looked this morning and the polishes are still going for £5.00 so I thought I would put it up today so you can grab yourself a bargain!*

 I recently was having a nosy on Boots and stumbled across some Nails Inc polishes for only £5.00, they are usually £15.00 each. Now i am a huge fan of Nails Inc polishes. Everything about them from the formula to the brush is perfect for me. I'm not sure if they are still available at Boots but if they are i will link them below. Here is a look at the shades i purchased.
Chelsea Green (available here)
Porchester Square (available here)

Exhibition Road (available here)

Belgrave Square (available here)

Sloane Mews (available here)

At the time of posting this all these shades are still available for £5.00 so get yourself in quick and grab a bargain.

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