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Lush Haul August 2015

So it's been ages since i bought anything from Lush. The last time was actually when i posted my last haul.  (post here) I am a huge Lush fan and love their products. In the summer i usually only have showers but i thought i would start stocking up on some Lush goodies ready for the winter. I have never tried anything from Lush other than bath products. I really want to try some of their shower products, shampoo bars and face masks so please leave me your recommendations down below.
Here is what i picked up this time.


One of my favourites. It has a very subtle scent and the Cocoa Butter in it leaves the skin feeling beautiful. One of my favourites to use in Autumn/Winter because of the way it moisturises the skin.

Think Pink


One i have tried before. It smells sweet and fruity and leaves the water a gorgeous deep pink colour and it has some confetti hearts hidden away in the middle.

Ickle Baby Bot


One for the kiddies. They love having their own bath bomb to use. It has a very subtle Lavender scent and is supposed to have a calming effect. It turns the water a lovely shade of blue.

Dragon's Egg

One i haven't used before so looking forward to giving this a try. It has an amazing citrus scent and is currently all i can smell when i head upstairs in my house!

You've Been Mangoed

This is the first bath melt i have ever purchased so looking forward to seeing how i like it. As i suffer from dry skin and 99% of the time I'm too lazy to moisturise properly, I'm hoping this will help my skin.

Creamy Candy

Another I've not tried although bubble bars are my favourite. It smells just like the candy mountain bubble bar that is available around Christmas. It has a very sweet, candyfloss like smell.

Blue Skies And Fluffy White Clouds
The Comforter is my favourite bubble bar ever but i decided to pick this one up instead this time round, as i have never tried it. It has a gorgeous scent, which i am quite surprised i like as it is very floral and i don't usually like this type of scent. I love these big bubble bars and get loads of baths out of them. I don't understand how people say they only get around 6 baths(I probably get around double that if not more!), you need the tiniest bit to get a massive amount of bubbles. If i used anymore than i do, the bath would overflow with bubbles.

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