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Slimming World Update #3

Week 8
A really good week this week. Have managed to stick to plan pretty much all week. I am really enjoying going to group. It's just a good excuse to get out the house for an hour or so and have a cuppa and a chat. 2.5lb off this week. Total weight loss stands a 12lb.

Week 9

A bad week this week which has shown with a 1.5lb gain. I know exactly where i have been going wrong. Skipping breakfast then picking all morning because I'm starving! I also had a day out at the football over the weekend which meant a few beers and my food for the day was a Greggs pastie and a subway! I fully expected the gain so I'm ok with it and need to put it behind me and move on. I am going to be extra good this next week and aim for a 3.5lb loss, maybe a bit ambitious as this would be my biggest loss yet but it will take me down to a total weight loss of a stone. 

Weight loss now stands at 10.5lb

I didn't write down what i have been eating over the last few weeks but i am going to do a full food diary next time round.
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