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Slimming World Update #2

Week 6
Had a really bad week this week. I just felt like eating everything in sight! I stopped myself for the most part but i did have a few naughty treats and i was eating no where near enough fruit and veg. We also had a meal out on the Sunday. I think my main struggle was the fact that i no longer had to fill in a food diary, as my first four weeks were up. If your not writing it down it doesn't count right?! So I have been and bought myself a note book so i can keep track of everything again. Luckily the results on the scales weren't as bad as i thought. I gained 1lb but i expected much more so i was pleased with that. Total weight loss stands at 7.5lb

Week 7

Another quite bad week. I was doing well up until Thursday when i had a massive urge to eat Chocolate. Anyone that knows me will know i am not a Chocolate person at all, i much prefer savoury food and i tend to avoid chocolate as it makes me break out! I should of known then that i was going to get ill as that is the only time i really want chocolate. On my mission for chocolate i did discover the new Galaxy Salted Carmel bar! AMAZING! I love anything salted caramel. As mentioned i got ill over the weekend and have been feeling pretty miserable and still am. I have managed to avoid comfort food though, mainly because i can't taste anything and i have no appetite whatsoever. A weight loss of 2lb this week. Very happy with that. Total weight loss 9.5lb
For the next two week I am going to keep a food diary so you have an idea of what I have been eating! I will be back to update you all in two weeks time where I am hoping I will have reached the 1 stone mark!

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