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International Beauty Swap #1 - South Africa - Part One

I am super excited to be writing this post. My first ever international box swap. This swap was with the beautiful Rayne from makeitraynex. Rayne is from South Africa and she agreed to do a swap with me after i contacted her on twitter. You can find her on Twitter @raynealexa.
Rayne has well and truly spoiled me and i am so happy and grateful for what she has sent me. Missing from this post is all the snacks she sent me as they have all been eaten!! Also missing is a MAC lipstick. South Africa are having major problems with their post at the moment and she had ordered the lipstick to be delivered to her house and it never arrived, so she is sending that separately.
I never really asked for anything specific and told her i would like to be surprised. The only thing i mentioned i would like were some Inglot eyeshadows and a MAC lipstick. Here is what she kindly sent me. I'm not going to put here what i think of the products other than everything i have tried i love. Just i haven't had chance to try it all yet and this post would be super long! I will do separate reviews of some of the products.

Black Onyx Cover Up Stick 103,24,28

 Black Onyx Lipshine 49,44,48

 HD Eyeshadow Palette

 Ralo Cosmetics Eyeshadows


Smudge Purity Eyeshadow Sticks in Aspen and Dark Brown


 Accessorize Baked Trio Eyeshadows in 7 - The Good & Bad and 1 - Dazzlingly Devastating

Gosh Bronzing Shimmer Powder

 Ralo Cosmetics Cream Eyshadow 4 - Rocky Rust
Smudge Liquid Liner In Darkest Charcoal, Dischem Lip Therapy Jojoba, Essence Colour Arts Eyebase.
Inglot Eyeshadows 402, 329, 502, 62

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