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Weight Loss Update - Slimming World

 I have been putting off writing this post for a few weeks now as i wanted to wait until i knew this was going to work and i was able to stick to it. If you have read my blog for a while you will know i have tried other methods of weight loss but i always end up feeling too restricted which leads to me giving up before i even give this a proper chance.

I knew this time i had to try something different. No meal replacements, no starving myself. I knew i needed to do something that i would be able to sustain. I know many people that have had amazing success with Slimming World but i just didn't think it would be for me - how wrong was I?!
I have never felt hungry or like i want to have a massive binge on crap which i always have in the past. I won't go into what i have been eating on this post as i will save that for another day.

I have now been doing Slimming World for around 5 weeks. I had a week off for my operation but during these weeks i have lost a total of  8.5lb This is my weight loss week by week.

Week 1 -2.5lb
Week 2 - No weigh in due to my operation
Week 3 -2.5lb
Week 4 -1lb
Week 5 -2.5lb (Half Stone Award + Slimmer Of The Week)

You get a small certificate and a sticker put on your book for every half stone lost. There is also a small certicate and sticker given out for slimmer of the week and also slimmer of the month. 

I am so pleased i have managed to lose what i have although i feel myself getting frustrated every now and then about how slow it is coming off even though i know slowly is best, i just feel i will never reach my goal. I also know i could have probably had bigger losses most weeks as i have not always stuck to plan 100%.
It took me weeks of researching what the groups were like when you went and i was super nervous. The first day i went i parked up outside and nearly turned back and went home again as i felt sick with nerves. I'm so pleased i didn't and it was no where near as bad as i imagined. 

I'm going to write a little about what happens at group in case there is anyone like me reading this who is scared of the thought of going for the first time. Some groups may be different but this is basically what happens where i go.

The first time you go you will have to fill out the forms and get all your books etc. We were sat away from the main group at first as the Slimming World consultant comes over and gives the new member chat and goes through the plan and all the books they give you. We then got our cards and paid our money. Then it was weigh in time. This is what i was dreading in case anyone could see or hear your weight but the only person who does is the person doing the weighing and they will never disclose this to anyone else. You will be asked if you know what you want as your final target or if you would like to set an interim target. I set a stone as my first target so i could just give it a go to see if it was for me. I want to lose quite a lot of weight so i think if i had done this straight away it would have put me off. I think even after i reach my first interim target i will set another which is slightly less than my final target, that way i won't get overwhelmed by how much i want to lose.
 You then all sit in group if you stay after the weigh in and basically have a good old natter. We sometimes do games/tasks and there is always the chance to ask any questions or share any ideas with the group and we have a raffle every week, with prizes such as boxes of fruit or all the ingredients to make a recipe from one of the books or the magazine. We also go over how everyone has done over the week. We also discuss our losses and gains but if you do not want to disclose this, you don't have to.
The support in group is amazing. Even though i have not had a gain (yet!!) no one is ever put down or made to feel bad about it. If you already do Slimming World but don't stay to group i highly recommend it.
 I would totally recommend going for it if you have been thinking of joining for a while.You can find your nearest group on the Slimming World website http://www.slimmingworld.com/

    I would love to keep you all updated on how i do but i don't want you to get bored reading about it so i was thinking about posting around every two weeks, although if you would like to see weekly posts do let me know. 
Thanks for reading
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