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ELF Haul

A few weeks ago ELF had a 50% off sale and this is what i purchased. Most of the products are no longer available to purchase here in the UK as the supplying the products are no longer doing so and i'm not sure where we can now purchase in the UK, if at all. If any of you know leave me a comment and let me know. For this reason i will just show photos of what i have and a quick overview of what i thought of the products instead of a full review.

Custom Compact and Eyeshadow Shades Pink Ice, Peach Fizz, Navy and Dusk

This is probably my favourite item i got. The eyeshadows are incredibly smooth and buttery, much better quality than their normal shadows. The pigment of these is also amazing.

50 Piece Make Up Artist Palette

I was expecting good things from this. The fact it is called the Make Up Artist palette i at least expected half decent products. The eyeshadows are terrible, hardly any pigmentation and massive fallout. Some shades may be OK but the ones i have tried have been awful. The blushers however are great and i have been using them quite often.

Single Eyeshadow

Just one of the basic eyeshadows, I have a few of these and i like them, however the pigment isn't great and they do need quite a lot of building up. Not sure of the name on this one.

Blush in Blushing Rose

I love E.L.F blushers. One of my all time favourite blushers is by E.L.F (candid coral) 

Smudge Pot In Hit The Town

I love cream eyeshadows and i hadn't tried any by E.L.F. I like it and have used it a couple of times.

Moisturising Lipstick in Party in The Buff

I really like the moisturising lipsticks and if i had known that it was going to stop being distributed in the UK i would have ordered a few more.

Moisturising Lipstick In Pink Minx (I'm not sure where the swatch went of this one)


I'm also waiting for my order of the final sale arriving. Everything had been reduced to less than £1.00 so i ordered some more items and will show you them once they arrive. 

Thanks for reading

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