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Poundland Makeup Haul and First Impressions

I had noticed the make up section now in Poundland the last few times i had visited but had never had chance for a proper look as it was always a flying visit to pick up something specific. So when i had the chance the other day i decided to go in and purchase some of the make up and give it a try. I really wasn't expecting too much but with brands like MUA and Make Up Revolution selling products for as low as £1.00 at the same time i had quite high hopes.
A lot of the products only had limited colours available or were sold out all together. I picked up three eyeshadows, one blush, one eyeliner and a foundation. The brand is called Make Up Gallery.

Gorgeous Flawless Long Lasting Foundation

I didn't have very high hopes for this foundation. I am super picky when it comes to foundation. I will start off by saying it is super light coverage it is more like a tinted moisturiser in coverage really. It looks quite thick when you squeeze it out the tube but when you apply it applies really thin. The first day i wore this i tried to apply it with a brush and it was a disaster! It was streaky and looked awful. I don't know if this is because of the formula or because my brush needed cleaned. I then tried applying with my fingers and it was so much better. It does oxidize slightly after applied so that is something to watch out for. Overall i like it and can see me using this in the summer when i want a lighter coverage.

All About The Pout Colour Moisture Lipstick in 18 Black Cherry

I didn't really expect much from this lipstick, especially being a dark colour but i actually quite like it. It wasn't too patchy and felt really moisturising on the lips. I would definitely use a lip liner with this on though as i feel it would slip off as soon as you put something near your lips. It will be interesting to see when i pick another one up how the quality compares as they could be hit and miss.

Khol Me Beautiful in 3 Navy

I love the colour of this although the actual pencil is quite hard and could hurt the eyes if you weren't being careful. I picked up the navy as i already have loads of other colours but didn't have one like this.

Feeling Blush Blusher in 3 Spice

I love the colour of this blush! It isn't very pigmented but it is perfect if you just want a nice wash of colour. These would be perfect for anyone just starting out with make up as it would be difficult to apply too much. I will be picking up some more colours of the blush next time i head to Poundland.

Colour Story Eyeshadow in 14 Shadow Grey, 19 Fern Green and  1 White Frost

My favourite items that i got, eyeshadows. I picked up three colours. The white is an amazing shimmery white which would be perfect for highlighting the inner corner of the eye, this colour is also super pigmented. The other two colours were not as pigmented and needed a primer under them to make them stand out. I'm definitely interested in picking some more colours up.

White frost without primer, Fern Green and Shadow Grey without primer on left, with primer on the right.

Overall i am super impressed with the quality of the products. For £1.00 you can't go wrong.

Have you tried anything from Poundland? Anything you would recommend?

Thanks for reading
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