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Nail Of the Week 2


This week i have used a normal nail polish to paint my nails. After i took my gel polish off i realised i didn't have any nail cleanser or base coat left. When i use normal nail polish, i always start with the Models Own Rubberized Base Coat. I don't normally use a top coat as it makes no difference whatsoever to the length of time polish stays on my nails, usually i'm lucky if i get to 24 hours chip free! I have tried many different top coats and had the same problem with them all so to me it's a waste of time.

This week i have gone for Avon Nailwear Pro +. I cannot find a shade name for this polish and can't seem to find this shade on the website either. I love the Avon Nailwear Pro + polishes. They are one of the only polishes where i can get a couple of days wear before getting any chips. This could easily last a good few days, possibly even a week on someone with normal nails, so i would highly recommend to try one if you haven't already.
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