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Nail Of The Week 1

I have decided to share with you every Wednesday my nail of the week. 99% of the time this will be a gel polish as some of you may know I am training to be a nail technician, so have started to buy supplies of gel polish for when I qualify and get my business up and running. 

I also like to experiment with nail art sometimes too. 

You will not have to mind the state of my nails at the moment, I usually have acrylics but I have decided to try and grow my own. Unfortunately for me I suffer with weak nails. They snap super easy, probably from years of biting and picking them.

This week I have used my gel polish. The brand i have used is called Crystal G and i used the colours, Coral Breeze(G5) with Silk Dust(G4) on my ring finger. I also have a collection of Gelish polishes but i am finding myself reaching for my Crystal G polishes much more, i just find it lasts better on me. 

What nails are you sporting at the moment? 

Thanks for reading.
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