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Mini Lush Haul Febuary 2015

My Lush goodies from Christmas were starting to run low so i decided it was time to place an order! I ordered online for the first time ever, as i usually go into the store. Apart from on of the bath bombs being broke when it arrived (more on that shortly) i was super impressed with the delivery. I ordered a couple of bits from the valentines collection and a couple from the permanent collection and also a little goodie for the kids.

Love Locket Bath Bomb £6.95

This is the one that arrived broken but as you can see it is designed to be broken up anyways as there is a little mini bath bomb inside and i nearly always half my bath bombs anyways so it didn't bother me in the slightest. I am super pleased i ordered it when i did as it now appears to be sold out online. This has an amazing smell, it is a sweet smell but also quite flowery. It definitely has a strong scent so if your not a one for strong scents i wouldn't recommend it. This bath bomb contains vanilla, jasmine and neroli oil.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar £3.25

I am a massive fan of bubble bars and they are my favourite Lush products. For the price you get so much for your money as you only do need a tiny bit to make tons of bubbles. The Unicorn Horn is another product exclusive to the valentines collection. Contains neroli oil, ylang ylang oil and lavender oil. The lavender scent is super strong in this bubble bar so i can imagine it is going to be super relaxing before bed.

Butterball Bath Bomb £2.65

This would be perfect for those of you that don't really like heavily scented products. Its got a gorgeous light scent and smells like cocoa butter, which is one of the main ingredients in this bath bomb. It is also amazing for dry skin as the cocoa butter means it is super nourishing to the skin. This bath bomb contains cocoa butter and ylang ylang oil.

The Comforter Bubble Bar £4.75

My ultimate favourite and one i always recommend to people. This bubble bar is super long lasting and i know some people say you can get up to 6 baths out of it but personally i probably get double that. As i mentioned before a little really does go along way with these bubble bars. I think this smells just like Ribena or blackcurrant sweets. This bubble bar contains bergamot oil, cassis absolute and cypress oil.

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb £1.95

My kids adore this bath bomb and the fact it turns the bath a slight blue colour means they find it fascinating. This bath bomb is suitable for children from six months old. It contains lavender oil, chamomile blue oil and sandalwood oil making it perfect for soothing the kids before bedtime. 

I'm already deciding what to try next so any recommendations will be appreciated. I have noticed the new mothers day range online today so watch out for a haul of them coming soon. Whats your favourite Lush product?

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