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Bella And Bear 'The Pluckers' Tweezer Set

Today i am going to show you all another amazing product from Bella And Bear. You should all know by now how much i enjoy the products from Bella And Bear and how much i like them as a company. 

Lets face it everyone needs tweezers, this set is perfect for all your needs. With three pairs of tweezers, a slanted pair, a straight pair and a pointy pair there's a tweezer for every situation. They are in a gorgeous colour and come in a beautiful case, perfect for throwing in your handbag.

I use slanted tweezers for my eyebrows and these have been great to carry around with me for when i find stray hairs. The flat tweezers are great for general hair removal from around the face and bikini line. I didnt really understand what the pointed tweezers were for at first but have since discovered they are great for removing splinters! They can also be used for precision plucking and ingrown hairs.

Another great product that i would recommend for everyone. Bella and Bear also offers a lifetime guarantee on these tweezers.

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