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Bella and Bear 'Brush On You' Detangling Brush and Comb Review

The lovely people over at Bella and Bear have sent me some of their newest products to try out. This is the first of two reviews and is for 'Brush On You' Detangling Brush and Comb set. I have left details of the product below and my thought on the product. You will also find a link to the product at the bottom of the page.

The Product

Girls Would You Like Healthy Shiny Tangle Free Hair?
The Brush On You Detangling Brush And Comb Set Is Perfect For All Hair Types!


✓ Great for all hair types

✓ Ergonomic design for easy holding and brushing

✓ Controls hair damage and breakage due to the shaped bristles that separate and pass thru the hair without catching and pulling like most other brushes do.

✓ Stimulates your scalp for a lovely relaxing feeling, the firm but not to hard bristles will gently massage your scalp as you brush, its a lovely way to relax

✓ Your kids will love this pain free brush!


Get your partner to brush your hair, this will definitely lead to some relaxation time :)
Special Bonus For All Our Valued Customers

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If you don't completely fall in love with Brush On You Set then Please Contact Us For A Full Refund!

My Review

I love this set. I have been using the comb in the shower while i have been applying my conditioner to make sure it is distributed evenly through the hair. My hair gets super dry and knotty and needs a good brush especially after washing. Before getting this brush and comb set i was using my Tangle Teezer when brushing my hair. The brush has the same style of bristles as the Tangle Teezer but it also has a handle. I have found myself using this product over my Tangle Teezer especially when my hair is super knotty as i don't tend to end up accidentally throwing it across the room when i hit a knot like i usually do with the Tangle Teezer. As with all Bella and Bear products the design is beautiful. Really impressed and would definitely recommend.

Thanks For Reading

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