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A Quick Catch Up

Apologies again for being a super rubbish blogger! I have been super busy lately doing my big Christmas clean up (post coming soon) putting up the decorations and finishing up my Christmas shopping. 

I have a few posts to get up over the next couple of weeks including my December Glossybox and Birchbox reviews, Two reviews of new products from Bella & Bear and a couple of Christmas related posts too. 

I am starting to feel super festive and because i have finished my shopping early for the first time ever i have none of the stress i usually do!

I have been loving watching Vlogmas on YouTube this month. Some of my favorites are,

Hollie Wakeham Hollie is one of the first YouTubers i ever watched and i think shes great. Her videos always put a smile on my face. 
Mikhila AKA MissBudgetBeauty I havn't watched Mikhila for long but i really enjoy her videos and Vlogs. Being a young Mam myself i feel i can really relate to her.
FleurDeForce I really enjoy Fleur's videos and have watched her for a long time now. He pooches are super cute :)

I am watching lots more but these are probably my top 3. Please leave any recommendations below as i love watching Vlogs.

Vlogging and YouTube is something i would love to get into at some point but it's something i just keep putting off. Maybe next year.

Thanks for reading

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