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Hi guys, hope everyone is well.
Not been any posts from me in a long time, sorry. As you all know i have been on two holidays lately and had very poor internet both times. I would much rather be sunbathing by the pool than sat in reception to use the WiFi!! I actually wore my bikini on holiday!! This is a massive thing for me and i am feeling super super proud of myself. No weight loss lately but i'm getting back to it next week. 

Before going on holiday i was suffering from major blogger block. I thought a holiday may give me some ideas but i am still really struggling. What do you guys want to see? Any ideas for me? I am going out on Saturday night so may do a OOTD/FOTD type of post, other than that i am stuck, so i will say sorry now if there is no more posts for a while :(

I am recently just getting into money saving. With Christmas just around the corner and two boys and a big family to buy for its a must. I don't know if money saving is something you would be interested in reading posts about?

Let me know what you all have been up to lately.

Thanks for reading

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