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Guest Post - Autumn Trends By Jessica

  From the VMA's to the Emmy's to New York Fashion Week, this fall has brought with it a plethora of new make-up and hair style trends, with previous ones we've loved from over the years also making a come back, to truly make this autumn bloom. The red carpets and the runways are great places to get some much needed inspiration as the seasons change and old trends fade into the background. What's great about this season is the fact that we haven't lost the classic, chic trends that have lasted decades and are still stunning every time, plus we've gained some gorgeous new styles to take to the streets. We may not be red carpet regulars, but why not impress those around us at work, school or when we're out and about, and most importantly feel amazing about how we look! Becky has kindly allowed me to share with you the most prominent beauty trends this Autumn, so let's get started;

Smokey Eyes
This seasons red Carpets and runways are littered with smokey eyed gals, and for a good reason. It's stunning! Partnered with a neutral toned foundation and a light pink or nude lip, this look will make you stand from the crowd.

Classic Red Lips
This legendary look is a must-have for any make-up repertoire. It's bold, confident and chic, plus it's everywhere right now. But why wait for it to come into fashion, it's an everlasting look that makes an impact any time of year.

Pure and Neutral
A very paired down, simple make-up palette has been a common feature of the runway shows this season, with a stunning innocence and simplicity. It accentuates your best features and is breathtakingly beautiful. 

Sweet Berry pout
Berry blossomed lips are a cute, simple addition to an almost neutral toned look, to add a summery glow. Its quick, easy and utterly adorable.


Nude lips
The infamous nude lip is back in full swing this season and has been used countless times on the runways and red Carpets to emphasise the eyes, or add a strong, passionate hue to the lips that is just gorgeous.


Metallic eyes
A bold yet elegant look right now is not complete without a metallic eye shadow. This season it's all about being futuristic, flirty and fun.

Fluttery Flicks
Giving the eye liner a flick or two takes any look to another level, adding an edgy, unique element to a bold eye.


Tasseled Middle parting
Seen all over the Fashion world right now, this seemingly simplistic style adds an effortless chic twist to your look. 


Plaits galore
Autumn always seems to invite plaits back into trend and who blames you for joining in? It's neat, intricate and stylish; a versatile hairstyle to use for all occasions.


Choppy Bobs
Another simple, cute look in the form of a short bob has been very popular for fall this year. It's out of the way, fresh and easy to style.


Twist and Pin Up Buns
Buns can be neat, tight and formal, or messy, relaxed and comfortable. Autumn seems to be all about getting you're hair out the way in the nicest form possible, for the chic, serious looks and the nonchalant and effortless.


A prominent theme for Autumn is a love of the chic yet relaxed approach to styling and it couldn't look better. I hope this post has inspired you to change up your make-up and hair styling for the new season or even get hair cut (gasp!). I have certainly been inspired by the beautiful berry lips, red lips and smokey eyes this season; what are your favourite fall beauty trends? 

                                                                          Jessica Anna at A So Called Beauty Blog

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