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Pamper Night Routine

A Wednesday night is pamper night for me. It's the night where there is nothing worth watching on the tele so I make the most of it and chill in the bath. Here is what my pamper night consists of.

I usually start by removing my nail polish first off. I do my fingers every week and my toes every other week unless i am wanting a specific colour then i may change sooner.

I then head up stairs light a couple of candles, my favorites are Yankee Candles and at the moment i am burning Lemon Lavender and Darling Clementine and start running the bath. While the bath is running i remove my make up and apply a face mask. The weather has changed here in the UK and it is back to being cold and miserable :( I have even had my heating on the last two days!! The cold weather means my skin has taken a turn for the worst and developed lots of dry patches so at the moment i am using a hydrating mask and my favorite one is the Nspa Replenishing Moisture Mask

I then hop in the bath and just relax for 5 minutes. I will then shave my legs, have a wash and exfoliate my skin using my favorite Soap And Glory Breakfast Smoothie Scrub. I also give my feet a mini pedicure to remove any dry skin. Once i finish in the bath i get out and remove my face mask. I then get dried apply some moisturiser or a body butter and stick my pj's on.

Then its back downstairs where i will apply my nail polish. My favorites over the summer have been Barry M Gelly Nails in Papaya and Models Own in Bubblegum.

What is your pamper night routine?
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