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Life and Weight Loss Update

You may have noticed i haven't really posted much over the last few weeks. It is the summer school holidays here in England which means i have both my boys at home. I usually write all my blog posts while my youngest naps but with it being the holidays i have my oldest to entertain, so i am really struggling to find to to write my blog posts. 

I also haven't updated on my weight loss journey for a while, that is because i have failed to stick to my diet at all lately. It was my birthday last month and my parents had my children for the weekend before. So me and my partner went out for meals and a few drinks over that weekend, so i decided to take a weekend off but having no willpower means a weekend off soon turned into a week off, then two weeks etc etc.

Luckily i have maintained my weight and not put any back on during this time. With 47 days until i fly on holiday i am getting back to it in the hope i can lose at least another stone by then. I have been back to it a few days now and have managed to drop 2lb so fingers crossed i can lose my stone. 

I have also been missing the gym for the last couple of weeks due to my partner working late. I have no excuse really as he gets home around 8 and the gym doesn't close until 10 so i really need to stop making excuses and get back to it!

As i have mentioned a few times i am off to Benidorm with a friend for 4 nights in September but we have now decided to book a family holiday for the beginning of October. I will arrive back from Benidorm on the 25th September and could be flying away again as early as the 30th September. I could definitely get used to that! We are looking at either Lanzarote or Fuertaventura, if you have been let me know in the comments what you thought!

Have you had any holidays lately? Or are you jetting off somewhere nice soon? 

Watch out for my case packing posts soon!

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