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Bella & Bear Hair She Goes Review

When i received the Bella & Bear Hair She Goes Hair Remover Kit* i was super excited to try it, it is not like anything i had ever used before. I am not a hairy person and apart from getting my brows waxed have never needed to remove any other facial hair. I do however have hairs on my upper lip and although they are that fine and light you cannot see them unless you look really closely, sometimes when wearing certain foundations it can cling to the hair.

It takes a bit of getting used to the movement needed for it to be effective but once you get the hang of it, its really easy. It don't think it hurts at all, it is a strange sensation and feels very much like threading does, although some people may find it hurts depending on your pain threshold. 

You receive a facial epilator and a pair of tweezers in the set and they come in the most gorgeous bright coral colour which i love. To use the product you bend it in two then hold it up to your face, you then twist the handles and move it up slightly while keeping it against your skin. The tightly coiled springs then pull the hair out from the root.

The tweezers that come with it have a slanted tip so great for getting that stubborn hair that doesn't want to budge. These have gone straight in my travel beauty bag.

You can purchase this item from Amazon for £17.99 this is reduced from £36.00

I have not had chance to take my own photos as my camera has decided to stop working, the photo included is the company's photo.

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