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Review: Percy & Reed What A Carry On All-Purpose Beauty Bag

I mentioned in my June Favorites that i had placed an order on feel unique. This is the product i had ordered. I first seen this when Amelia Liana on YouTube mentioned it in one of her videos and i knew as soon as i seen it i had to have one. As well as looking good it is so practical too. 

It has four separate pockets, one large one at the back, a clear plastic one and then two detachable pockets. One of the detachable pockets is heat resistant so you can store your hair appliances. There is so much space in this bag that its hard to imagine you would ever need any extra space for toiletries/make-up/hair items. 

I cannot wait to use this bag when i go away in September and i will be sure to do a whats in my bag post so you can all see how much you can actually fit in it. I have already tried putting most of the things i will take away in and i still had plenty of space left for other things. The only thing i would change about it is making the clear pocket detachable too. This bag cost me £29.00 and i also received a free mini Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray. I purchased mine from Feel Unique but i'm sure you can also buy them from ASOS. 

Although some people may think £29.00 is expensive for a beauty bag it is so worth the money and i am super pleased that i went ahead and ordered this, i would definitely recommend it.

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