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So here i am laid bare. No make up, no fake tan, no editing and no filters. Megan from thumbelinalillie has started #ProjectBareAll as a way to get us all to realise we don't need make up to make us feel good about ourselves and how we should embrace the skin we were born in.

My Story

I can't remeber a time when i havn't been into make up. For aslong as i can remember i have been purchasing and wearing make up. In my teen days i even used to pick which magazine i wanted to read based on if they had a free make up product with them. During my secondary school days i would wear make up every day and i was one of those girls that wouldn't even leave the house without my make up on. If i ever had to run to the shops without make up on i would dread bumping into anyone i knew as i just didnt feel comfortable without my make up on.

The Inside

I have never been really confident and i am quite insecure about my appearance, the big change for me however came when i had children. There was no way i could afford that extra half hour in a morning to apply my make up. I was running round making bottles, feeding my baby, changing nappies and doing general household chores and the make up just didn't seem a priority any more like it always had done in the past. I love to apply and wear make up but truth is i just haven't got the time i need to wear it everyday like i used to.

The Outside

I'm lucky that i have always had and still have really great skin, that is one thing i love about myself. I am still nowhere near happy with myself but i am making the small changes needed to hopefully get there. Since reading blogs and starting my own i have really realized there is not two of us the same and also that you will struggle to find anyone who is 100% happy with themselfs. We as women need to support and encourage each other to be ourselves and not hide behind the make up. As they say its what on the inside that counts.

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