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L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Range Review

I have now been using these products for almost two months so i feel i am in a much better position to give you a full review. 

I was skeptical about anything being able to thicken my limp lifeless hair back up but over the course of using this shampoo i have noticed a massive difference to the thickness and texture of my hair. Baring in mind i have been slowly going back to blonde during this time too so the products have definitely had there work cut out!

The shampoo and conditioner are great they have a gorgeous smell and leave my hair feeling amazing and i am now onto my second bottles of both. Since my last post on these products i have also purchased the thickness booster and the serum.

I waited to buy these extra products as i wanted to give myself the chance to try the shampoo and conditioner by themselves without the extra products added in. Neither the serum or the thickness booster have really impressed me. The serum doesn't appear to make the hair any thicker or smooth it out and get rid of the frizz as much as i like and i didn't notice any difference to the thickness of my hair when using the thickness booster with the conditioner vs the conditioner on its own.

I would definitely recommend trying the shampoo and conditioner out if you are looking for something for thickness. I mentioned in my last post that it would be hard to get me to change from my regular shampoo but i am definitely converted and sticking to this one for now.

Have you tried the Fibrology range? Did it make a difference for you?

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