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June Favorites

Another month gone by and i just can't get over how quick these months are flying by. I've not got many favorites this month as i haven't used much different from last month but there are a few new items i am loving. I probably wont have many new things to show you over the next few months as i am off on holiday in September so i am trying to save up some spending money and obviously some money for the all important duty free shopping! I am waiting for an order from feelunique to arrive however and i will share that with you all once it arrives, i may also do a birthday haul depending on what i get as dont think i will get much as i have asked for money to put away for my hols. Anyways lets get into what i've been loving this month.

This is an item that i had used a while ago and used it all up but never repurchased straight away and if i use a full tub of something you know its good, i never use anything all up ever. It is the Soap And Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub this is amazing. The smell is the most amazing scent ever it actually makes my mouth water! I'm not 100% sure why i didn't repurchase this straight away but i think its because i had the Soap And Glory Scrub Of Your Life to use up (it hasn't been used up!) It is a really effective scrub and i am using it pretty much every time i'm in the shower at the moment. With summer being here i want my skin to be in tip top condition. It's definitely helping keep my dry patches at bay. I would recommend this scrub to anybody.

Next up is the nspa Eucalyptus and Sea Mineral Reviving Shower and Body Wash i'm a big fan of nspa products and for the price they are really good quality. You can pick them up in Asda and they are often on 2 for £8.00. I have noticed when i have been shopping they often have one or two products on offer for £1.00, this was one of them. It has a really nice sent and feels really refreshing on the skin. This is a product i would definitely repurchase once it has run out.

Next up is another old favorite of mine that i have just recently repurchased and that's the Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation. I used this foundation all the time when i was younger and really liked it. It has good coverage and never looks or feels too thick or cakey making it perfect for the summer. I love the packaging of this product too. It comes in a glass bottle with a black lid and looks very classy.

Crest 3D White Strips are something i have wanted to try for a long time now but after having my teeth professionally whitened in January and the pain i suffered afterwards had put me off teeth whitening for a long time. I had always suffered slightly with sensitivity but never anything major but after having my teeth laser whitened i had never experienced pain like it, i couldn't eat for days and was having to drink through a straw that was pushed right to the back of my mouth, the results however were amazing and i know people that have had it done with no pain whatsoever. I decided i would bite the bullet and gives these a go as my teeth are now starting to look a bit dull again. They weren't starting to stain again really but they definitely were not the same bright white they were before. These strips are amazing. I have my bright white teeth back again. I have suffered some sensitivity again but nothing too bad and i have just had a day off from using them if they were feeling a bit sensitive.  I have already recommended these to a number of people and ordered another batch so i can keep on top of them. I just ordered mine off Ebay.

Next up is a product i had seen recommended by a number of YouTubers. It is the Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask. I have really been enjoying using this mask. It is one that warms up when applied to the skin so if you don't like that then i would avoid it. I am having a major problem with oily skin, blackheads and enlarged pores at the moment, not sure why but i'm guessing it's the weather as i normally suffer with dry skin, this product is certainly helping keep the blackheads at bay. It does cause me to break out a bit but that just shows its doing its job bringing all the oil and dirt to the surface. I am trying to use this once or twice a week at the moment.

My next favorite product is the Beauty Blender i received this in my June Birchbox and i have used it pretty much everyday. I LOVE IT! The way it applies foundation is beautiful and leaves a flawless looking base. I have also been using this with my concealer too. I would definitely recommend buying one if you don't already own one and i will be purchasing a back up ASAP.

Next us is another Avon product and these are the Ultra Colour Lipstick in Lava Love and Hibiscus. These are supposed to be a matte finish but i don't think they are matte at all. They have a soft sheen to them even when dry. They feel very moisturizing on the lips and there is some gorgeous colours available and i will be purchasing some more shades soon. I Love the sleek black and silver packaging too. They also have a clear top on them so you can see which colour you are picking up without having to read the bottom. Lava Love is a gorgeous red and Hibiscus is a bright pink.

Last up is Benefit Gimme Brow i have wanted to try this out for so long but i just didn't want to pay the money for another brow gel to sit in my draw. So when i had enough Birchbox points i decided i was going to purchase it. I also received an email from bBrchbox offering me 20% off and free shipping as it is my birthday this month. So i  paid a grand total of £4.00 for this. Bargain. I am so glad i did buy it too as i love it and wish i had bought it sooner. I have very sparse brows and a scar in my right brow where i had my eyebrow pierced when i was younger. This makes my eyebrows look so much fuller and thicker. I have been applying this everyday even if i haven't filled my brows in properly with a pencil.

What products are you loving this month? Anything you would recommend? 

Thanks for reading
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