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Juice Plus Update

I thought i would give you all a quick update on how this is going for me. I'm not 100% how much weight i have lost but it will be around a stone now i think, although i can't be certain as my scales don't work very well. 
I do know i have lost weight though as i managed to get into a pair of trousers last week that i haven't worn in so long! I also bought a new top the other day....in a size 14! A big deal for me as i have not been in a 14 since before i had the kids. This is working well for me although i know its not for everyone. I would love to be in a 12 by my holiday in September but i'm not getting my hopes up just yet.
I am still trying to get to the gym 3x a week and i went to Zumba this week and going to go there once a week too. I enjoyed it but i used to do something called Mokyfit when i still lived in Carlisle so i was disappointed by Zumba compared to that but it was still good.If you haven't heard of or seen Mokyfit before check them out on YouTube. I wish there was a class round here but there isn't at the moment. I am also going to start spinning this week. I am going to go for my first session tomorrow morning. 
I'm hoping to be able to do Zumba on a Tuesday, spinning on a Wednesday then just in the gym 2 other days a week. My partner will be starting doing long hours at work soon so i will probably have to miss the classes and just hit the gym, luckily the gym is open until 10pm so it means i don't need to miss out completely.

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