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Juice Plus Week One-Detox

So I have finally decided to bite the bullet and give JuicePlus+ a go. I have been debating trying it for a while now but i was put off by the pushy reps. It was when a friend tried it and I seen the weight drop off her I decided to give it a go. I found a rep that was I no way pushy and ordered the shakes. 

You get given a detox plan which gives a list of foods to avoid. I think you are supposed to do a full two weeks of detox before starting the shakes but I will be starting the shakes as soon as they arrive.

I have really struggled with the detox and haven't stuck to it 100%. It is super hard to try and plan 3 meals a day while still having to feed my partner and the kids too, so I am looking forward to my shakes arriving so I only have one meal to plan for a few weeks. I have suffered from bad headaches which I have been told will be from the caffeine withdrawals. I have had one cup of coffee all week and that was after a really bad night with the little one and I was shattered! For someone who had 3-4 cups of coffee a day that is a major thing. 

I have started drinking green tea in a morning and on an evening. I tried green tea a while ago and didn't like it at all so I wasn't looking forward to drinking it, but I found a green tea with lemon which has made it slightly more bearable. 

I also haven't had any alcohol since starting the detox. I have cut out bread totally and also not had any pasta all week either. It is recommended that you cut out dairy too and I can't remember having any except in my coffee the other day, so I have done well there to.

Although i haven't stuck to the detox plan 100% I have still managed to lose half a stone, which I am chuffed with. I am looking forward to my shakes arriving and will do a post after I have been taking them for one week and let you all know how I am managing. I am also starting my gym membership back up and hoping to get to 2 classes a week plus the actuall gym for 2-3 sessions aswell. 

Yesterday I was ready to give up already before my shakes have even arrived but seeing the half stone gone this morning has really spurred me on again. 

Have you tried JuicePlus+? What have been your experiences of it? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading

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