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Juice Plus - Week 2 - Shakes

So i have now been on the JuicePlus+ shakes for a week. I ordered a mixture of the vanilla and chocolate shakes but you can also choose one or the other. You receive 6 pouches of the shake powder. I have been having the vanilla for breakfast and the chocolate for dinner/tea depending on what im doing that day. 

I am using soya milk for my shakes and the first day or two, i really didn't enjoy them but you soon get used to the taste. I haven't felt at all hungry while on the shakes and they really are filling. 

I have no weight loss to report this week but i am taking pictures so i can view the progress that way, as we all know muscle weighs more than fat and i have been heading to the gym  3-4 times a week for at least an hour a time. I'm really having to try my hardest not to step on them scales! I am a serial weigher and will weigh myself everyday usually, so I'm finding it hard to stay off the scales but i know looking at pictures, taking measurements and going off how your clothes are feeling are a better indicator of how you are doing.

I will probably just do an update every two weeks as i may have more to report doing it that way.

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