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HD brows

Today I am going to talk about my favourite  subject, eyebrows.

I had never ever bothered with my eyebrows before until around 7 months ago. I don't no what made me decide to get them done but I did. Getting HD brows done has literally changed my life.

I never realised before what a big difference to your face your eyebrows made. I never even used to fill them in or anything like that. My natural eyebrows are very light and you can barely see them. 

HD brows is a 7 step process that involves consultation, tinting, waxing, threading, tweezing, trimming and aftercare.

I have totally fallen in love with my brows now and hate it when it starts getting close to the four weeks and they lose the tint and shape. I have gone from a girl who never even pencilled her brows to a girl who goes every four weeks to the salon for my brows done. I pay £25.00 a time and you can find your nearest HD brow technician using the salon finder on the HD brows website.

Here are my before and after pictures.


Straight After Treatment With Pencil/Powder

The Next Morning Without Pencil/Powder

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