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First Impressions - Loreal Elvive Fibrology Shampoo and Conditioner

When I was younger I had the most incredibly thick hair and I hated it! It was the fashion then to have poker straight hair. I used to sit for ages straightening my hair to make it look thin. I always used to say to my mam, I would love thin hair like yours, her reply 'no you wouldn't' 
Now I know why! After having my first child four years ago I suffered with major hair loss for around 8 month and went from having a lovely thick head of hair to having thin lifeless hair. After having my second son 18 month ago I suffered with hairloss again. I probably wouldn't of cared but the trend these days is for big bouncy hair! I would now do anything to have my lovely thick hair back.

So after hearing a lot about these products when my usual shampoo ran out on Saturday I decided to give these a try. I am a big Tresemme fan and it would take a great shampoo to take me away from that. 

I have tried Elvive products in the past and apart from the smell of them I wasn't a fan. I have read very mixed reviews on this product so I was intrigued to try it. 

The smell as usual is amazing! The shampoo lathers really well and when applying the shampoo it did make my hair feel really thick after rinsing out. I then applied the conditioner. I'm not a fan of the conditioner really, I don't feel it leaves my hair very soft like my usual conditioner does. 

My hair does feel slightly thicker but nothing major. Not enough to make me say I am definatly going to change my shampoo. I will stick with it until I finish the bottle and see how I get on and do a full review on the product then.

Thanks for reading.


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