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Weight Issues #BeingAFatty

Its taken me a bit to write this post as its a sensitive issue but maybe you guys can help. I have huge problems with my weight, OK i'm not majorly obese or anything but i could certainly do with losing a few pounds. My problem...I like food too much.

If i could just not eat at all i could lose the weight so easily but once i eat one thing i want something else. I am back down to my 'normal' weight as i like to call it. The weight i seem to stick at if i'm not dieting etc. It has took me a year to get back to this after the birth of my second baby without any exercise or dieting.

I know i can do it if i really really try but my willpower is shocking. Maybe posting on here will give me the kick up the arse i need to get sorted. I gave up my last diet after 2 days as my partner brought home some chippy chips and i ate them, but instead of getting back on it the next day i just seen that as i had failed miserably and gave up!

Before i fell pregnant with my second son i did a sponsored slim in aid of SANDS (stillbirth and neonatal death charity) with lots of other women and men for the anniversary of the death and first birthday of a beautiful little boy. I managed to lose a stone in that month by going to the gym, Moky and dieting. I did the Special K diet for the first 2 weeks and then did Slimfast. I looked so much better even with just a stone off. I'm a UK16 although because i'm tall people don't think i'm a 16 as i carry it well. I would love to lose 2-3 stone and 1-2 dress sizes.

I have heard alot about Juiceplus and i am so tempted to try it but then i think to myself i have lost weight before without spending stupid amounts of money so why should i pay. Plus the distributors really annoy me with there constant pressurising to buy the products. If any one has tried the diet who isn't a distributor and would like to share their story please leave me a comment below. Also any other diets etc i should check out. Slimming world etc would be no good for me at all as you can eat too much  and i would just be a pig and eat twice as much 'good stuff'  therefore making no difference whatsoever!

You can tell i'm not happy with my weight at the moment as i've just had a look to find a recent full length picture of myself and i can't find one. Well actually i can but i'm that drunk i look like i'm about to fall over, i'm wearing sucky in knickers that are two sizes too small to hold my gut in and a tight dress so it's not really what i look like in normal day to day life!

I have managed to find one. It's not that recent and was taken before Christmas so i have lost more weight since this was taken. The first one was taken in June 2012 and i would of been pregnant at the time, i will be around a stone lighter but i can see a massive difference. The second is the one that was taken shortly before Christmas 2013. (I tried to put them next to each other but it wasn't working!

I would love to hear about your own struggles with your weight, so please feel free to leave a comment below. 

Becky XO

Ok there doesn't look a massive difference but i will be wearing my sucky in knickers on the second pic breathing in and selecting a good pose haha.

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