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My First Birchbox. April 2014 Review

This month i received my first Birchbox. I was excited to get this as when i have seen reviews of boxes before it always looks like good quality stuff. I am impressed with the products but i was disappointed to find that there was no full size products included like you get with the Glossybox(is it always just sample sizes?)Here is my thoughts on each individual item. 

First off i thought i'd let you know there will be no photo of the popcorn as i ate it pretty much straight away!! I love popcorn and i got the salty and sweet flavour and it was amazing!

Laura Mercier Soufflé Body Crème

I will start with my favourite product first. I love Laura Mercier products so i was pleased to see this included as it is one i have never tried. It has a lovely creamy texture and a little bit goes a long way. It also smells delicious! The little card says that it is 'a sumptuous lotion packed with vitamin-packed shea butter,grape seed oil and honey to deeply nourish limbs' I really like this product and it does leave the skin lovely and soft and leaves a lovely glow. I'm not a big fan of body creams but this is really nice and i can see me using all the sample of this.

One Love Organics Skin Saviour Waterless Beauty Balm

I haven't had chance to use this product yet other than a quick swipe on the back of my hand, so i can't really give it a thumbs up or down. The card states, 'A do-it-all balm to remove make-up cleanse and moisturise the skin - it even tames flyaways!' It has a lovely fruity smell. It looks just like any other balm but when you dip your finger in and apply to the skin it feels kind of like an oil.

Beauty Protector Protect And Detangle

So when i first took this out the box, it almost nearly got chucked in the bin! I just could not get it to squirt at all! I am so pleased i managed to get it to work though as i have used it a couple of times now and it is a product i am definitely thinking of buying the full size version of. The card says 'Birchbox exclusive, formulated to keep hair,silky,glossy and protected' It left my hair super soft after using it. It also has the most gorgeous smell. I think it smells kind of like fudge.

The Balm Cosmetics How 'Bout them Apples? Cheek And Lip Cream

I really like The Balm products so i was pleased to receive this item. I got the colour 'Pie' It is a lovely bright pinky red shade. It goes on beautifully and can be put on really lightly or built up to a more intense colour. The card reads ' An easy-to-blend cream that offers a gorgeous, long-lasting pop of colour to cheeks and lips' I have been using this colour a lot on my cheeks since i got it so this is definitely another one for my want list!

Color Club Gala's Gems Nail Polish

'Our collaboration with London-based Spanish blogger, Gala Gonzalez, includes this pretty Birchbox-exclusive polish'
I got this in the colour 'Aquamarine Azulino' It is a beautiful pastel blue colour, perfect for spring. I am currently wearing a different polish at the moment but will be wearing this once i take that off. It seems lovely and thick and like it will give a really good coverage.

Overall I am impressed with my first Birchbox and looking forward to receiving next months, although i would like to see some full sized products included.

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