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Glossybox April 2014

Hi everyone.
So my latest Glossybox has just arrived with the post this morning. I was totally unimpressed with last months Glossybox, luckily this one seems better than the last but that maybe because i needed three out of the five products due to running out or just generally wanting them. It came in it's usual pink box and included the magazine and the little card that tells you what products have been included.

Emite Makeup Lip Brush-L312 
Full size product RRP £17.00

I was quite pleased to see this brush included in the box. I have been looking for a new lip brush so will be giving this one a try out before i run off and purchase one. It has slanted bristles and they feel really soft and compacted so i'm looking forward to giving it a try.

Monu Spa Warming Ginger Massage and Body Oil
30ML trial size. Fullsize 100ML £25.00

This is a brand that is regularly included in the Glossyboxes so it's a shame to see it yet again. However the product smells amazing and i love a good body oil. I will defo be sticking some of this in my bath tonight to give it a try. The instructions say to add a small amount to the bath or warm a small amount between your hands and massage in before washing in the bath or shower to leave skin silky smooth. I usually just stick some baby oil in the bath when i go in so it will make a nice change to use this product.

MeMeMe Cosmetics Beat The Blues-Pearl Pink
Full size product RRP £5.50

I love highlighters so again i am quite pleased with this product. I have seen a few people complaining that this product has been included before, but i have never received it. I have tried a dab on the back of my hand and i like the way it looks. It gives a lovely glow and shimmer without being to shimmery or glittery. My usual highlighter has almost run out so i will defiantly give this a try before rushing out to get a new one.

TRESemme Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo
100ML travel size product. Full size £4.99 for 200ML

I am a big Tresemme fan so i was excited to see this product included. I have been meaning to buy a dry shampoo for ages as now i have dark hair it feels greasy alot quicker than when i was white blonde. As i only tend to wash my hair every 2-3 days this will be great for when i feel like it looks or feel greasy in between washes. i had a quick spray before and it smells great too.

Unica Cosmetics Radiance Plus
Small trial size pot. Full size £12.95 for 50ML

This is the product that i'm not really that bothered about. This is a brand i have not heard of before and it's always nice to discover new brands. The little card says, 'Unica products use only organic and 100% natural ingredients so your skin only receives the best. This radiance plus cream is infused with rosehip oil, proven to have a dramatic effect on lines and wrinkles' I will give this a try but i have alot of face creams so can't see this being a one i repurchase but you never know it may surprise me!

So overall a MUCH better box than last months, I still feel they could be better. This is the first box i have received where i fell i will get use out of everything. I keep thinking about cancelling my subscription but then i would feel like i was missing out lol. Watch out for my Birchbox review when i receive that one too. 

Thanks for reading


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