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First Post :)

Well i don't know where to start really. This blog is going to be about all kinds of things. Product reviews, beauty hauls, fashion hauls, things i love and things i don't, my babies (two human and one canine!) and basically my life in general. I'm starting this blog as a hobby, i may be rubbish and it may go like all the other hobbies i've tried to get into and fail miserably but just gonna have to see how it goes.

A little bit about me. I'm 23. Currently living in Cumbria but may be moving next month. I have two children, both boys aged 4 and 1, there's also my pooch Sammy a 3 year old male Black Labrador. I am currently studying to become a nail technician and i'm almost half way through it now and hoping to complete soon. I am wanting to become a mobile beauty therapist/make up artist. I love all things beauty, fashion and hair.

Will stop rambling for now!

Becky XO
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