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Clothing Haul

So i have gone a bit crazy lately with buying clothes. Now we are heading into spring i thought my wardrobe could do with a little spruce up. A lot of the clothes i already had either no longer fitted me, were dropping to bits or i had simply had for years! It's not often i get to buy new clothes so it's been nice for me to be able to do that, although once i start i can't stop!! So here's a rundown of what i bought and where i bought it.


ASOS Cropped Tailored Blazer. Was £45.00 Reduced to £13.50

I seen this blazer as i was having a browse and at that price i couldn't not buy it. I have wanted a blazer for ages. Whenever we are on a nightout i always end up lending one of my friend. This is a cropped blazer so it sits kind of mid back and mid forearm. I haven't had chance to wear it properly yet but i have tried it on and it is super comfy. It is a button up one but to be honest i always just have mine open.


ASOS Culotte Shorts £12.00

I wasn't really looking for anything particular when i was browsing ASOS but these shorts really caught my eye. They are so versatile and could be worn with almost anything. A nice cami and a pair of flip flops in the summer, heels and a blouse or nice top for a night out and then with tights and a jumper in the winter. I will probably pick these up in more a different colour too.



All the things from Primark i have already worn and i have lost my receipt so not 100% on what the prices were. I will give rough prices though.

I'm not sure what to call these, i suppose there kind of like a smart jogging bottoms. These are super comfy and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on what you are doing. I think these were around £10.00. 


Skinny Woven Jeggings In Bleach Wash £25.00

These jeggings are super comfy and i love the false seams on the front. I have lots of pairs of jeans and jeggings but they were all dark coloured so i thought i would get some light coloured ones for the spring. The only thing with these is i found them to be quite large fitting. I bought my usual size and i wore these yesterday and found i was forever pulling them up so a size smaller would of been better. Hopefully they will shrink a bit when i first wash them. They also have these in lots of different colours.



I really like this website and think they have some lovely items of clothing and at super prices too. The only problem i have is that you cannot order without opening a credit account with them. 

Animal Trim Blouse By Yourstyle £9.99

I bought this recently to wear when i went to see Tinie Tempah at the O2 Apollo in Manchester (he was amazing by the way) It is slightly see through but not that see through that you need to wear a vest top underneath. This will be lovely in the summer too as it's lovely and floaty and will be nice and cool. I wore it with burgundy skinny jeans and some black and gold sandals with a black and gold clutch. It will definitely get plenty of use from me anyway.


Strapless Jumpsuit By Yourstyle In Animal Print £14.99

I haven't had chance to wear this yet, i have actually bought this to wear on Saturday for my friends birthday night out. I can't wait to wear it! When i ordered it i wasn't 100% sure if i liked it or not but once i seen it and tried it on i fell in love! It will be gorgeous in the summer too as it is quite thin material and its lovely and floaty although it is elasticated round the top, on the waist and round the ankles. Will do an OOTD when i wear this on Saturday so watch out for that.

I will probably do another small haul next week sometime as i have bought a couple of other bits, some jewellery and make-up bits, so will show you all them then.

Thanks for reading
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